How to repair your iPhone screen glass?

How to repair your iPhone screen glass?

Do you know you can fix your iPhone Screen Glass at home?

Well, it’s not a joke. We’ve prepared this detailed tutorial for iPhone users who don’t have enough time and money to get their iPhone screen glass repaired from a store. So, let’s take a look at how you can repair your iPhone screen glass.

Lifting up the Screen

How to repair your iPhone screen glass?The first step for repairing your iPhone screen glass is to lift up the screen. You need to remove the screws to lift up the screen. The screws are found at the base of the phone. These screws can easily be removed with the help of a small star-shaped screwdriver.

Make sure that you place the screws in a safe place otherwise, you’d lose them. Once you’ve removed the screws, you can apply a suction cup to the bottom half of the screen.

Make sure the suction cup sticks to the screen firmly. If you’re unable to apply the suction cup on the damaged glass, you can use clear packing tape to cover the screen.

Once the tape is applied, you can apply the suction cup over it. Now, you can pull up the suction cup to remove the current screen of the iPhone.

The screen will start lifting up as you pull up the suction cup. Now, you should use a pry tool to keep it from getting back. Thus, you’d be able to remove the screen without any hassle.

Remove Additional ComponentsHow to repair your iPhone screen glass?

Once you’ve removed the screen, you’d find a shield on the top-right corner. The shield is protected with 3 small screws. Now, remove the screws and the shield and put them separately so they do not get mixed with other screws. Once the shield is removed, you can start removing the connectors that are holding the screen and the bottom of the phone together.

It’s time to remove the metal plate that is covering the home button. And the final step is to remove the back plate. Once it’s done, you’re ready to install the new screen.

Installing the new screen

The process starts by installing the home button. You’d get it with your new screen. After that you can start installing the connectors that were removed previously. Make sure that you secure the back plate before installing the new screen. Once it’s done, you can install the new screen glass on your iPhone. It will take only one hour max. And your iPhone will get back to a new life.

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